Melbourne indie band, The Temper Trap dropped their third album, Thick As Thieves in June. It is the first release since their 2012 self-titled LP. The Aussies for rose to fame with highly acclaimed album, Conditions, which featured their breakthrough single, ‘Sweet Disposition’.

Their latest album took two years to complete and it was recorded in multiple locations from Los Angeles to London. The album also sees them collaborating with songwriters like Justin Parker, Ben Allen, and Malay, which incidentally co-produced Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE.
We spoke with The Temper Trap's keyboardist, and guitarist, Joseph Greer on the making of their new album, and how they have grown as a band.

You guys are back touring again this year. How did it feel to be back on the road again?
The first show was nerve wrecking to be honest, especially when we are promoting a new album. It was a big relief to nail the first show in Sydney, and after that the shows just got better. The crowds were awesome and it really did feel good to be back playing shows after all that time.

Joseph Greer

What were you guys up to since the release of the second album?
We were writing the album the whole time. We barely had an album at one point, but here we are. We wanted to make something that we can be proud of so it took some time. We even had to go back and write more songs. We would have liked to release it earlier but, unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. I’m glad that we took that amount of time because now, we really do have something we can be very proud of. It was totally worth it.

What are some of your favourite tracks from the new album?
There’s a love song called ‘Ordinary World’. Lyrically, it has a post-apocalyptic vibe talking about the end of the world, but it’s really one epic tune. The guitar riffs are fun on it, it has a rock vibe to it, and it’s just one of those songs that takes me to another place.

Another favourite is called ‘Tombstone’. It’s a beautiful song, and even when I listen to it, I have a feeling that it’s going to be impact other people’s lives. I believe that it’s going to be a significant track for the listeners. It is to me so I hope it will be the same for others as well.

You guys collaborated with a few producers, and songwriters for the new album. Why did you decide to work on collaborations this time around?
We’ve always been doing things the same way as a band, but this time around Dougy got the opportunity to go on a writing trip in Los Angeles. One of our songs was recorded as with Malay, and we sort of rearranged the ending and it just worked out really well. We were a bit weary if it was a good thing for us to do. But, once it happened it kind of showed us that working with other people allows us to throw a lot of new things into the mix.

The lockout laws in Sydney closed menu live music venues, do you think this has a serious impact on the upcoming Aussie bands?
I think music will always find its way to survive. People just have to be creative. I don’t think this setback will stop anyone now. I think if anything, the availability of the internet and the possibilities of you being able to be heard by anyone so quickly is quite promising even if the local scene is disrupted in places like Sydney, especially with the lockout laws.

It is a shame because we had such a legacy, but I don’t think local bands will stop progressing because of these issues. It is a good time for bands to create a lot of exposure for themselves because of the advancement of technology.

How does it feel when you get on stage and see a full arena of fans in countries like Malaysia?
I think it’s a surprise to us wherever we go on tour and discover that we have a big fan base. We are so lucky to be able to go around the world and play in front of people who are really into us like Malaysia. It’s definitely exciting because you would never really know the influence you have over fans outside of your own country.

What are you planning to do differently at your second appearance in Malaysia?
To be honest, I don’t think the last show we played in Malaysia was our best so I’m excited to come back and play an amazing show. Obviously we’ve got a new album so we’ve got all these new songs to try out. This album is perfectly made for live performances so it’s going to be fun.

The Temper Trap will be performing at the two-day, Good Vibes Festival, which will be held at The Ranch, Gohtong Jaya in Genting Highlands. The Aussies are among the headliners that will be taking the stage on Friday, the 12th of August. Find out more on Good Vibes Festival here. Check out one of our favourite remixes of their single, Fall Together.