EDM lovers the world over will be delighted to hear that their god, crowd jumping, cake throwing fanatic, Steve Aoki, has announced that he has put in motion plans to live forever.

Though the news may disturb fans of actual electronic music the world over, it may come as some release to know that we will be long gone by the time Aoki plans on awakening from his apparently temporary coma, otherwise known as irreversible death.

In the aptly titled documentary, ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’, Aoki explains that his body will be handed over to the Alcor Life Extension programme in Arizona, where his corpse and brain, will be kept in cryogenic stasis, until a cure can be found for his as of yet unknown cause of death.

Failing Christ-like resurrection, Aoki hopes that perhaps his consciousness could be uploaded onto a computer, granting him digital immortality, something he is unlikely to achieve through his so-called music.

It is said that you can’t put a price on a life - but you can on possible eternal life, that price is $220,000, a paltry sum compared to the estimated $23,5 million he is said to be worth.