Sita Abellan is a name that has been popping up on our radar quite a bit recently. Having made a name for herself as a high fashion model appearing in Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, and Indie Magazine, the Spaniard is making a name for herself as formidable techno DJ, reveling in deepest, darkest recesses of Berghain industrial dread.

The self-described “Techno Princess” grew up in the small town of Murcia in southern Spain, and her work as a model established an early footing playing fashion parties, sidestepping the background, elecktro-musak that tends to be the requisite for the scene. After a big US festival debut at HARD Summer a few of days ago, and the announcement of an ongoing residency at exclusive Manhattan club Provocateur, her career behind the decks is quickly becoming a stark focal point of her career.

We caught up with Sita last week, and she delivered a half hour mix of deep, searing techno feat. a handful of bangers from Berghain residents Marcel Dettmann, Fengler, and the mighty Ben Klock.


excited for my mini tour 😁 USA im comingggg! next stop @hardfest in CA 😈pic @monimogi

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Tell us about your entry into electronic music and DJing, and what were some of the early moments that endeared you to the scene?

I started to DJ in my hometown, Murcia in south of Spain when I was a teenager. After some years I moved to Milan to complete my studies and I started DJing in clubs there. As my modelling career progressed and brought me around the world I have always tried to link it up with my DJing, finding cool clubs that wanted me to play.

How is the transition from modeling to DJing? Have you found that the close connections between the two (lifestyle, parties etc.) has allowed you to crossover neatly?

For sure there are some connections between these worlds and it’s up to each individual to try and use them to get to where they want to be. But I would say that my transition is more than from modeling to DJing: it's a transition from modeling to fully expressing my personality. To be a model is great, but for me the next level is being able to express my creativity in music and fashion (for example being a stylist, being the creative director). This is my journey.

There has been a very strong and positive feminist movement in electronic music of late. What's your take on the gender inequality in the industry, and would you look to become a voice in that movement?

I don't like too much political movement or ideology being applied to music. At the same time I think that gender inequality is a major issue of our time and that as women we must fight everyday in every setting. The music and dance industry has of course the same problem as many other sectors. It's just a fact that there are considerably more male DJs than female ones. I profoundly respect, admire and get inspired by every strong woman working in the music industry.



moveee your bodyyyyy 😈😈😈 yesterday by @thecobrasnake at @mixmagmagazine tent 💘 @kenzo

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Musically, what are you most excited for this year?

HARD summer fest. It's my first festival in the US and I am so happy to play there!!

And which country do you think is the most exciting musically at the moment?

It's difficult to say. I like very much the USA because I see that the people there are very open minded and are always open to new music. I love Germany, specifically Berlin, because I love the techno sound of that city and almost all my favorite DJs and clubs are there. And for sure Japan. I was in Tokyo last summer and got really surprised by the techno scene over there.

You can listen to Sita’s half hour of power below.

Forty Fings Dynamo - Shovel Tame
Ignacio & Steve Rachmad - Virton Upgraded (Ben Klock Remix)
Marcel Fengler- Thwack (Norman Nodge Remix)
Marcel Dettmann - Translation One
Mary Velo - Signification
Bill Youngman - 2009
Headless Horseman - Hessian
Darkskye - So Scharf (Diatek Remix)
Perc - Tension
Xhin - Fixing The Error
Shifted - Telic
Markus Suckut - Parsec