Netflix’s latest series, ‘Stranger Things’ is one of the best that the television network has released. The show’s popularity isn’t just limited in the US. It has garnered fans all over the globe including Malaysia, and Singapore.

If you grew up or born in the 80’s, you would definitely appreciate Stranger Things’ homage to the era’s sci-fi horror trend. The series is also the perfect platform for Winona Ryder’s comeback. Her return to the big screen in 1999 on Girl, Interrupted was overshadowed the Angelina Jolie’s stellar performance, but in Netflix’s latest hit series, Winona shines brighter than a diamond.

But, enough about the show itself. Let’s talk about the other aspect of an 80’s production; synth driven music. Stranger Things features a perfectly executed music score, and if you’re a fan of 80’s synth, you will definitely appreciate the sense of nostalgia it brings.

Netflix has been getting queries regarding the music featured in the series and they have responded by announcing the release of the 8-part series’s entire soundtrack. Who are these people behind the music? The score was produced by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, two of the four members of Austin soundscapists Survive.

The awesome foursome are about to release their second album, RR7349, on Relapse Records in September. You can check out their other production below before the soundtrack release.