We have been hearing lots and lots of great things about Bangkok's newest hotspot BEAM, killer vibe and what could be one of the best systems in South East Asia. Not surprising since it includes a "body kinetic dance floor", which means having bass transducers under the floor, just like Fabric's room 1 in London, making the hairs behind your neck stand up when it really kicks in.

The recently hosted Manchester via Berlin heavyweight Trus'me, a regular to South East Asia, for his debut at the much talked about club. The Prime Numbers label boss also recently released his latest album entitled 'Planet 4', as the name suggests, somewhat a tribute to his fascination of things interstellar and cosmic. 

To get a taste of what went down during his recent set at BEAM, we have the full recording for you to listen to, a whopping 3 hours. Enjoy, listen, and plan your visit to the clubs banging dance floor.