Deep, introspective tech and house; made with real machines and played out on wax grooves - this is what you can expect from bespoke Australian vinyl-only label, HANS DOWN. We caught up with the label's founder, Marc Jarvin, ahead of the Hans Down party at The Civic in Sydney this Friday. Fresh from throwing a shindig in the house-friendly depths of east London, Jarvin's bringing plenty of inspiration for the first label bash back on Australian soil, with quality deep cuts just one aspect of the multisensory basement trip-out you can expect this weekend. Here's what he had to say about his new venture, which looks set to bring more than a touch of quality to Aussie airwaves as it grows... 

What was the main motivation for you to undertake the challenge of starting your own label?

"My friends have always surrounded me with quality music and I always knew deep down that I would love to have a record imprint to be able to release music. Also when I'm traveling and moving around a lot I’m influenced by hearing new artists and what sound they are producing and playing. This inspires and also motivates me to be able to push not only my own music but also those who are a part of the label family."

HANS DOWN is a vinyl-only label. Why is this format meaningful to you – and worthy of exclusivity?

"The concept behind it is to get the music and its creative process to its purist form. Being able to release on vinyl also makes it tangible, rather than digital. The film composer Hans Zimmer has always been an artist that I admire musically. His sound production always moves me, he uses a lot analogue hardware that you can hear through his production. This form of production was also another fitting concept to the label as we want a lot of the artists to use as much hardware as possible. Mike Witcombe & Felix Warmuth who are on the first release have the most insane studio 'The Analog Cabin'. Their creative process is very hands on, recording live jams from the 909, 808 or 707 and many other machines in the studio."

What can people expect musically from HANS DOWN?

"We want the releases to be a DJ's record: 250 pressings, vinyl only, with solid club music that’s built for a dance floor. There will be 4 tracks in total on the first record 2 on the A side and 2 on the B side. You can hear and feel the warmth in it from a lot of the analogue and hardware used – staying true to the concept. At the launch party Mike & Felix brought down half of their studio and played live. It was a very nice experience musically for all that were there. 'Dum Dum', also on the A side has been getting a lot of support from our friends as it carries a nice groove from the start to finish. The B side features a much more dubby, 120 bpm song, perfect for a DJ to warm up a room earlier in the night."

You took the party overseas recently – how was it partying in East London what do you love about London clubbing culture?

"The party in London was wild. I think east London is where it's at for me, musically and culturally there is so much dope stuff going on. The Waiting Room, the venue we did the party at was super cool. It was a small room underneath an old British pub, the last place you would expect it to be. The room hosts a lot of live music too, with names such as Jamie Xx, Four Tet & Ben Pearce having all done secret shows there. Andy Weatherall also hosted a Sunday party at the venue which was highly spoken about, so we got lucky and knew the Waiting Room was going to be special from the get go."

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You’re booked in for a shindig at the Civic on the 2nd of September, tell us a bit about the artists you’ve chosen for the event and why they are awesome:

"Yeah, this Friday at Civic Underground will be HANS DOWNS first party back in AUS and also my first club gig back in Sydney since May. We have got Sacha Gromeko and George Barnes from Dreamcatchersdreamtime, who have done all the artwork for the label helping us transform the Civic Underground into a unique and mind blowing experience. Not only do we want the party to be purely about the music, we want to open other avenues creatively and push the boundaries of the mind… this Friday is really going to be a wild trip!" 

If HANS DOWN were an animal, what would it be and why?

"Haha, a dolphin! As its warm, happy & loving much like the sound of HANS DOWN."