Privi will be hosting their first ever music showcase on Merdeka eve, the 31st of August. The event is Pulse Malaysia’s first collaborated event in Kuala Lumpur. In collaboration with Detour Asia, Privi, and Pulse Radio are hosting SoundLab Malam Merdeka.

The first half of the event is set feature a unique and eclectic live music showcase with performances by amazing local talents, including the very talented songstress, Najwa, experimental producer, CEE, Reesh900, Fook, and rising star, Santaroena.

SoundLab is a music project that was first introduced by Goethe-Institut Malaysia, BorderMovement, Detour Asia, and the Dusun. 15 musicians from Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany spent 10 days with each at The Dusun, a homestay style resort located in the luscious forest of Negeri Sembilan.

The idea of this unique music workshop was inspired by the release of The Dusun Sessions, an album featuring 11 produced tunes that were results of collaborative sessions that were recorded at the resort with artists like Phon.o, Daedelus, and Skinnerbox. The positive response from this release nudged them to start something a bit more elaborate. In 10 days, this group of talented music makers created a total of 20 songs which is available as a free download.

The long list of artist involved in the project included the likes of Flamez, Nadia Reid, Dizz1, Dea, Vandetta, Darko C, Space 360, Nguyen Hong Giang, Similarobjects, Najwa Mahiaddin, Fook of The Bassment Syndicate, Darren Ashley and Cee of Bass Sekolah.

Najwa at the first SoundLab at The Dusun

Christian Schwanz aka Cee has released a plethora of music before, and after he moved to Malaysia. The German expat recently released his long awaited solo EP, diversions 01, which features Najwa, Fook, and Detour stalwart, Reesh9000. The second single, ‘Pilunja’ featuring Najwa, and Reesh9000 was more than well-received by fans. 21-year-old Santaroena also just released his much-anticipated debut artist album, ROGUE.

Get to know the artists performing at SoundLab Malam Merdeka at Privi through their amazing music below. Check out the event page for more info.