This weekend Dutch festival Beyond has thrust a cheeky stab at Berghain’s culture of rejection, erecting a real life baby-Berg on their festival grounds, which simulates the all-too-familiar Berghain entrance process of queueing, getting rejected, rinsing and repeating.

The club mock up features a nice long line, the iconic warehouse facade, beyond which a DJ really was playing inaccessible head caving techno - not that anyone made it through to hear it. The creators of this elaborate Berghain experience entitled Berghenk wanted participants to train their “in-the-line stance and ‘walk of shame’ skills”, publishing a helpful guide on how to get the most out of your immersive Berghenk training:

1. Stand in line
2. Get refused
3. Go back to stand in line
4. Get refused
5. Go back to stand in line
6. Get refused
7. Go back to stand in line
8. Get refused
9. Go back to stand in line

Below are actual people actually lining up. Berghain fever knows no bounds. 



 photo berghenk_zpswvv09fq5.jpg