Ultra South Africa has officially announced their dates and early bird registrations! One of the biggest festivals in the world has kicked off its campaign for 2017, this time with only one date for both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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Although there's a lot of disappointment voiced by the South African Ultranauts, Ultra have issued a statement on Facebook saying: "We believe the magic of #UltraSA2017 is better served as a one-day affair in each city! Once the full details are announced it will be clear why the change has been made. 2017 will be an experience like no other. Get ready Ultranauts - more details coming soon."

What this means is that instead of spreading the biggest EDM acts in the world across two-days, the line-up will be jam packed with the best EDM artists for a full-day of international DJs, no need for fillers. In hindsight, this may mean that many local artists could be overlooked to play the main stage, but we can only speculate at this point. Let's be honest, the patrons are mostly paying to see the international acts at Ultra anyway.

The management of Ultra have an extremely difficult task ahead of them, though; selecting which local acts make the cut to play the main stage. All concerns aside, Ultra promise that this one will be "an experience like no other" and we can only keep our eyes and ears open for the line-up announcements to follow.

If you have not yet registered you can register for Ultra SA 2017 early-bird tickets here. All registrations must be done before the 31st of July, don't be disappointed.

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