Ah, do you remember the 80s? VHS? Evil Empire? Depeche Mode? Probably not. You were either 1) a child, or 2) so hopped up on Quaaludes that your memory gets a little fuzzy. That said, although it could be argued that the spirit of the dance music community was born in the 60s with the hippie movement, it was the 1980s from which we draw most of our tangible inspiration.

For example: Synthesizers, house, techno, ecstasy, cocaine, rave culture, and undergrounds all found their footing in the era. In fact, if time travel ever came to exist, the 80s is the first place many of us would go. Well, you can keep your flux capacitors in the closet for now, because we just stumbled across a video taken in a 1980s nightclub in Los Angeles that is a perfect peek into what life was back then. 

Posted by the group 'Vintage Los Angeles,' this vid has it all: nu romantics, goths, punks, ravers, normcore warriors, all getting down in a grimy warehouse to some pretty emo synth pop. The whole video runs about eight minutes, and the videographer's particularly creepy talent for holding a frame on one person for a little bit too long is a gift for all of us, a momentarily deeper glimpse into the hearts and minds of the people he or she is filming.

One thing we can say for sure is that people dances with their shoulders, had amazing hair, and were still just a smidge camera-shy. Check this thing out and enjoy a walk down memory lane (for memories you probably don't even have):