As Europe and the world-at-large experiences the effects of Brexit, many people are starting to look at the dangers of rising conservatism with more fear than ever before. Clubs have been closing all over the UK, and Seth Troxler sees a few parallels between the war on club culture and the xenophobic behaviour spreading across England.

Ever the provocateur, Foxy Troxy is supporting the new organization Nightlife Matters, a group that advocates on behalf of the UK’s historic night life culture. Troxler released a statement saying the troubles the UK’s nightlife are facing can only be changed one way: by voting.

“Decisions are being made by people who are too old or too out of touch with what’s happening in the modern world,” said Troxler. “In places like Germany and Holland, local officials accept electronic music and nightlife as culturally valuable. They look at nightlife in the same way they do ballet. It’s not seen as something violent or criminal, it’s celebrated.”

Troxler continued: “They recognise that many of the people taking part in night culture are tolerant of different races, different genders and different sexualities. They recognise that nightlife has significant economic benefits, that it has the same capacity as high-art, fiction, food or film to inspire and influence a generation. In the UK and US, by contrast, there’s a total disconnect between night culture and ‘culture proper’. Legislators don’t understand who we are or what our value is, so there’s no desire to protect it.”

Troxler is completely right here, many people view nightclubs and electronic music more as drug culture than a culture worth saving. Electronic music has helped foster many communities––LGBT, those of ethnic minorities, the rave scene––in their nascent days. It’s helped people of different cultures, genders, and ages come together and find a common cultural ground. Not only do people need to get out and vote, but they need to be educated voters and be knowledgeable on subjects like permitting and local ordinances that can easily prevent clubs from opening or staying open.

Although we want the same thing as Troxler, he did little to offer solutions that the average reader could engage in. He did state that the Night Life Matters site lets you message members of your government directly about your concerns, but the site also lets you sign a petition and read a detailed list of goals for the organization.

If we want club culture and electronic music to become part of our large culture, we need more youth involved in the political process. Logically speaking it’s only a matter of time until millennials will be running every aspect of the government, but right now we need a kick start. There’s politicians that want you to to be apathetic and not give a shit about the election, and we can’t fall into that trap of indifference.

Your vote is worth it’s weight in gold, and the Brexit shows us just how valuable it is. If you care about your country or the music you love, take the fucking time to drive in and vote. If you do you might help prevent a war or a bigot from running the country, but you also might save your favorite club too.