Turn key festival experiences are becoming more and more common, but we might have found one of the coolest purchases you can make to ensure you’re remembered at the next Burning Man you go to.

The infamous Scorpion art car is up for sale on Ebay motors, but think twice before you decide to bid. The whole car takes six people over a day to setup, and because you can’t exactly drive it on the freeway you have to have it towed by a Semi truck. The Scorpion has 16 massive arms, it's also 55 feet long and makes the perfect mobile DJ booth for the Playa. 

Over $200,000 went into making the Scorpion art car, and bidding starts at $50,000. The lucky winner of the auction gets a full lesson in driving and assembling the behemoth art car, and they’ll get to know where the secret fire launching button is.

If you want to make a bid or check out more pics of the car, check out the auction here!