Despite being forced to leave the country due to Visa complications, Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def, is still in Cape Town conjuring up some experimental hip-hop tracks alongside his long-time friend and co-owner of A Country Called Earth, Ferrari Sheppard. The third track from the duo's new alias Dec. 99th comes out of Dookoom's producer Damian Dplanet's self-named studio and is a lot more leftfield than most of Yasiin's material.

Featuring a phat bassline over a straight-forward hip-hop drum beat, Yasiin enforces his beliefs as a citizen of the world with lyrics like "wherever you are the local time is now". This is no doubt in reference to the ruling by the South African government to disregard the validity of his world passport, which was to have him deported from the country.

Although the future seems unsure for Yasiin, the artist continues to release music under his new legal name. With no confirmation of the details of his last album, we can only assume he is piecing together his career to step onto the world stage with an impactful album for the last time. This is the latest of three releases from Dec. 99th, following 'N.A.W' and 'Tall Sleeves'.