Groove Nation is commonly known as the DJ collective that booked international house and techno DJs to play in Manila in the 90’s and 00’s, including some of the most respected influential pioneers of the scene. However, Groove Nation actually started out as a record store founded by Toti Dalmacion in the early 90’s and served as a community hub to many music enthusiasts back then.

Groove Nation will soon be revived by Toti Dalmacion under the name of ‘THISisPOP', named after a 1978 song by British new wave band XTC, and will be specializing in indie pop / rock, punk, new wave, post punk, synth pop / electronic, experimental and avant garde. The goal behind this project is to familiarize Filipinos with buying pre-loved records in good condition, and offering a good selection and rare titles from the 70’s and 80’s.

The record store will also have a bin or two on house and techno and other genres, but it will definitely not be the place to look for whatever’s popular on the radio right now.

THISisPOP is located Unit B Ground Flr. Legaspi Tower 100, 148 Legaspi Village Makati and might open some time in October.

Stay tuned for updates.