Antwerp’s Museum of Modern Art announced it will be teaming up with nightclub Ampere to host an exhibition dedicated to rave culture, aptly named “Energy Flash”.

“Energy Flash” is a reference to Joey Beltram’s seminal 1991 techno track of the same name, and the exhibition will focus on the rave cultures of the 80s and 90s. Does that mean we’ll see some JNCO jeans and pacifiers somewhere in there?

The organizers are keen to bring some cultural knowledge and sociological context to any n00bs to dance music culture. The museum has stated that the show aims to show the “social, political, economic and technological conditions” that allowed rave to flourish across the European continent.

Videos, installations, and graphics will explore rave culture “as a highly politicised phenomenon”, with the exhibitions primary argument being that: “rave culture was inhibited due to its ambiguous place outside of neoliberal ideology, existing largely autonomous of both market and the state forces”.

Sound a bit wordy and contrived? That’s how you can tell it’s a real art show! The exhibition will be available for viewing from June 17th to September 25th, and to promote the exhibit Ampere will host three events featuring Wolfgang Flür and Renaat Vandepapeliere (16 June), K’Alexi Shelby and Paul Du Lac (17 June), and A Night with me (18 June).

For more details about the art and the shows, click here.

h/t Deep House Amsterdam