According to superstitious types, Friday the 13th is the most unlucky day on the calendar, and since the '80s, Jason has become a horror film icon sparking fear in all who recognise his trademark ski-mask. In the vein of all things sinister and unnerving, notorious Cape Town rapper Youngsta has released his latest music video 'Top Ten List', and he has definitely managed to evoke fear in his viewers.

With a bloody axe in hand and donning a Jason mask, Youngsta is depicted slashing throats, chopping off heads and generally looking menacingly into the camera; spitting his rapid-fire lyrics in front of hanging bodies in black bags. Is it a coincidence that this gruesome video is released on Friday the 13th? I think not.

While some people have mixed feelings about the characterisation of Cape Townians, with blood, murder and death; the execution of the video is top-notch. With the help of Visual Content Gang, Y?Gen have pulled off a somewhat Tarantino-esque, gory hip-hop music video and at a very good time too as the next installment of the Friday the 13th franchise is set to release in 2017. Maybe they are anticipating a come back for the horror film brand?

The video comes with an 18VL age restriction and is in no way fit for sensitive viewers, but in a world where death and murder are commonplace maybe this is more real than any of the other videos released this year. Love it or hate it, Youngsta allows his lyrical prowess to shine through, to provoke thought and a sense of connection between the hip-hop scenes in Cape Town and Johannesburg; with name references of many other hip-hop artists from both cities filling up majority of the second verse.

One thing is for sure, Youngsta's latest music video offering is a good indicator of where independent artists in Cape Town are at the moment, and it sure as hell gets the shock factor the team were looking for.