Getting into Berlin's most notorious techno haven can be tough. So tough, in fact, that for years people have made everything from apps to fashion tip videos to our favourite, an illustrated guide, to help would be clubbers get through its hallowed entrance and past the infamous doorman, Sven.

But this new Berghain simulator has to take the cake.

Called the Berghaintrainer, the website uses your computer's built in camera and microphone to record your facial expressions and answers as you try to make your way past the club's gruff doorman.

After setting up, it's time to put your drink down and make your way up to the club, where the bouncer will ask you three questions.

Remember, just like the real Berghain, your mood and answer will determine the outcome. So it's probably best to avoid eye-contact, not smile and answer as quickly and seriously as possible.

Questions range from the standard "How old are you?" and "Where are you coming from?" to the more difficult "Who is spinning tonight?" (not sure how we're supposed to know that) and the semi-existential "Why should I let you in?". 

We played three times and so far have been unable to win the doorman's favour.

But give it a try yourself here, and let us know if you made it passed Berghain's toughest doorman.  

Via Mit Vergnügen, image via