South African Electronica Hip-Hop act PHFAT have sent shockwaves and thoughts of confusion through the local South African scene, as they announce parting ways. Originally there were three members, Disco Izreal, Smooth Mike and Narch Beats that formed this straight out of Cape Town act called P.H.FAT that slapped you in your face and you liked it.

Disco soon fell off the dance floor and partied ways to form the now defunct Sedge Warbler while rapper Smooth Mike and beats producer Narch Beats went on to rock the Daisies and the Oppi's which had guys smashing in their fists into 'Koppies' while the ladies lifted their T-shirts and throw their panties. Let's not forget that made performances with soul-sister Jung Freud aka Nonku Phiri, touring South Africa and Austrailia numerous times over.

According to this Facebook post they made today it seems its not all doom and gloom for Smooth Mike and Narch Beats.

We actually quite saddened by this news as they were certainly a favourite act of ours. 

Watch P.H.Fat rock out with their $£@% out at Oppikoppi 2014