This summer there will only be one name you need to know if you are all about the boat parties in Ibiza, and that is Cirque de Nuit. In 2016 they will put on more than 100 of the things and all on the biggest and best boat out there. Sailing from headquarters in Playa d’en Bossa, running from May 7th to October 11th and including in the ticket price entry to Sankeys on any night of the week, each four hour cruise includes your drinks, so everything from beer, sangria, cava, soft drinks, sex on the beach to mojito cocktails, all brought to you on the dance floor by attentive staff. Each event will be soundtracked by a state of the art soundsystem from Void Acoustic and will find 300 of you going hard to the finest international DJs of the day. We caught up with the man behind it all to find out more about this mouthwatering prospect…

Tell us how long you have been in the promotion game. When did you start and where? We started promoting parties in Ibiza at 2004. We did a few seasons before in Mallorca, the Canary Islands and Lloret de mar, but after our first season in Ibiza we immediately knew. This is the place.

How many people are involved in Cirque de la Nuit? How long have you been going? There are approximately 35 in the organisation, plus our hard working PRs. We founded CDLN in 2013 but we were doing parties with other brands before then so have plenty of experience.

How did you acquire the boat you use for all the parties? How much did you invest in converting it and adding sound system and stuff? They came to us actually, and we spent way too much to tell.

What do people get when they sail with you? What included, what makes it special? They get a three in one package. The boat party includes four hours of open bar plus two club deals which include entry to Sankeys and Ibiza Rocks. But first of all we’re aiming to give them a quality experience. We are very proud and grateful for our extraordinarily committed staff. The quality of the experience in every regard is what makes our party so special.

People can also get entry into clubs once they hit land, right? Tell us about that… how do you make those links with clubs?

The boat party industry is huge nowadays and some of our friends who own (or work in) the clubs felt like we were becoming competition for them. We thought about a win win scenario and knew that meant including club entries, and the people love it…it means great bargains for our customers and full nights for the clubs. Everybody is happy.

There is a swim stop also right? Where is that and for how long can people swim? Is it hard to get everyone back on board?! Around 20 to 30 minutes, and actually it’s very easy…we turn off the music during the swim stop as we’re doing the swim stop close to (but not inside!) the natural park S’es Salinas. Once we turn up the volume again everybody gets aboard immediately anyways.

You do more trips than anyone else? Why do so many? It must be a lot of work! We feel confident to say our customers leave the boat impressed. We regularly hear we’ve outperformed their expectations. We love what we do and the people notice it. I think that’s why we have more trips than anyone else.

Tell us about how you decide on what act to book and have play for you - is it a matter of personal taste? Our resident DJ Ryan Platts makes those decisions and we fully trust him. He makes a masterful job it, too.

What are you most looking forward to about the season in 2016? Having fun and simply living the good life in Ibiza.

What tips have you got for anyone coming for the first time? To not just party and sleep, but also discover "the other side" of Ibiza. Especially Formentera’s incredible beaches. I’ve travelled a lot but I really haven't found clear water like that found around Formentera anywhere else I’ve been so far.