Modern technology has allowed social media networks to go above and beyond with what they have to offer to their users. Continuous developments of its services is a must, especially when people’s attention span tends to be shorter in this day of age.

The Red Bull Music Academy have always been innovative in the way they present music. On the 2nd of May, they officially launched a brand new project called Shattered Streams, and they have roped in 31 artists to contribute original production to be streamed on this new platform. This will be going for the whole month of May, and there is of course a twist to it.

Each and every one of the tracks will only be streamed in its entirety for only 24-hours. It will slowly degrade until it fully disappears at the 24th hour mark. It has been compared as the musical version of Snapchat. The app will self-deletes broadcasted videos and images after a stipulated time too. Shattered Streams is inspired by William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops and the modern emphasis on streaming-centric platforms conforming to listener’s usage and fidelity needs.

“Inspired equally by the fleeting ecstasy of William Basinskis’ The Disintegration Loops and the modern emphasis on streaming-centric platforms conforming to listeners’ usage and fidelity needs, Shattered Streams presents degradation of both audio and visuals to create an immersive yet ultimately finite listening experience. As users navigate to the site, they will have the option to set different lengths of degradation, ranging from five minutes to the full 24-hour period, with different permutations available. Each track is accompanied by animated visuals that also degrade over the course of the selected session duration,” explained RBMA.

This project kicked off with Anenon, followed by Basinski himself, and Fatima Al Qadiri is currently the latest artist featured. Lookout for Eluvium up next, and a long list of artists including the likes of Patten, Joey Anderson, Claude Speeed, White Visitation, Aurora Halal, Evol, and many others. You can check out the full list of artist here.