The Hamburg house mafia continue to impress with forward-facing, emotive, bodymovin’ music that defies simple categorization.Whether it’s Solomun or Koze, if a DJ comes up and out of the Hamburg scene, it very usually means they’ve got something quite special going on.

The Adana Twins are a perfect example of this. They’ve seen to have developed with the times through electro, house, and techno, but always one step ahead of the curve. Their new single––"Perspective"––with Human Life, is a spooky disco tune, but “Heroe,” their hit from last year, falls distinctly farther on the techno side, and you never quite know from where the duo will strike. 

As they head east on a short stateside jaunt, We chatted to the Adana Twins before their show at Chromed in New York City, where they’ll be joining Jefferson909 on a spaceship. Yes, a motherfucking spaceship. The party is said to be set in a vessel heading to Mars, with galactic projection mapping. Martians, and all. 

It seems like Hamburg plays a big role in European dance music...
Hamburg is the most important city for house music in Germany. While Berlin is known for Techno, in Hamburg, music needs to have more groove. Many well known labels and acts such as Dynamic, Smallville and Pampa come from Hamburg. Generally, we are all a big, happy family as opposed to the artists in Berlin. There’s no real competition. In Hamburg, artists exchange their knowledge and expertise and help each other. However, the main point that distinguishes Hamburg from Berlin is the beauty found in the north! Hamburg is the finest city in Germany.

You guys clearly spend a lot of time together. What’s the secret to a healthy friendship and creative partnership?
It’s like in a relationship. We believe it’s important to treat each other respectfully and openly. You have to be honest to your partner and also allow each other to let off steam when necessary. Luckily, we have many shared interests besides making music. So while we’re on
tour, we do a lot of things together that have nothing to do with music. For example, eating a lot of great food…haha!

What are your thoughts on developments in the US?
In general, we would say America is headed in a good direction and has done well in the past years. Sadly, you still can’t find the same club culture that we know in Europe overseas in the United States. In many cities, table service is still dominating the clubs and they are forced to close way too early. However, there were exceptions during our shows. Last year for example we played at a Halloween Party in LA, which felt almost like playing at home. It was a long night with a great crowd that went crazy…it was awesome! Our show in San Francisco also felt similar to the European parties. Unfortunately, they also closed way too early.

Do you have any other favorite or inspirational twins?
Danny De Vito and Arnold Schwarzenegger ;)