The second edition of Outcast, set sail last Saturday from Singapore’s Marina South Pier. Taking place on a Chinese junk boat sailing around the coast of Singapore, tickets to the party sold out a week before it took place. This inventive party series curated by Zig Zach, one of lion city’s most revered DJ’s, and event promoter.

Outcast is part of Zach’s growing list of tailor made events. In March, he introduced another brand new party concept, a day time series he calls Sessions. The first edition was held right smack in Orchard Road, on the rooftop of Hotel Jen.

If you are an avid clubber, you would have definitely come across Zach’s club nights, including Blackout, which he used to host at Kilo Lounge, and Ritual, his club night at kyō. While all these concepts differ from one another, they share a significant common factor; intimacy. It really isn’t about the quantity of people that comes to his parties, it is solely about the quality his parties bring to the dance floor.

Zig Zach rockin' the decks at one of his Ritual nights in kyō

Zach is undoubtedly a celebrated party starter in Singapore, and the South East Asian region. As a DJ, he continuously rocks all the decks he’s been invited to. 2015 was indeed a very busy year for him. It was a year where he became a resident DJ at kyō, and was given the opportunity to host his Ritual club nights. It kind of snowballed with bookings at festivals like Wonderfruit, and Shipsomnia, and locations including Thailand, and Hong Kong.

His DJ gigs continue to spread across the SEA region, and of the highlights was being invited to play at Kolour In The Park in Bangkok. His experiences locally, and internationally has given him an outlook on what Singapore’s scene lacks. “A DJ is more than just an individual banging tunes on the decks. I want to try and do something different. Everyone seems to want to do the same thing. Club nights can get a bit tiring. People sometimes get tired of seeing the same faces,” he says.

“I quite like intimate parties. I would rather play to a room of 150 to 200 people and there are all clued up. They are there for the music, and not just to be seen or to get laid,” he continues. Zach wants his audience to have proper fun, but also get into the music that is being played at the same time. The scene is lacking this he says.

Sessions debut at the rooftop of Hotel Jen along Orchard Road

Focusing on his role as a promoter is essential to his DJ career. In this day of age, an individual has to do more than rock the decks to get noticed on a wider scale. Zach acknowledges the fact that music production is also important in enhancing one’s DJing career, especially when you’re signed to a very good label.

“If you want to get booked for big international gigs, then you should start to produce music, remixes, re-edits, and the works. Otherwise, you’re just another DJ pushing records on the decks,” he says. However, Zach isn’t into music production, with valid reasons. His day job as a personal trainer limits his time for studio work. “It takes quite a bit of time to produce music and I don’t think I can allocate time for that. The idea is there, and I’m leaning towards it, but for now I’m happy promoting parties, and DJing,” he explains.

With Singapore’s underground scene growing at a healthy rate, there is a lot that he can shift his focus to. The growth of more open-minded and accepting audience has allowed him to delve deeper into his sets. It is now easier for him to showcase techier and obscure sounds. “I don’t have to think so much nowadays. I can just go with my flow. The newer DJ’s are pretty impressive too. It goes to show how much our scene has grown.”

Scenes from the first Outcast party

Growing a community of like-minded individuals has always been a goal for Zach. It isn’t just limited to the local Singapore scene. He aims to bring the SEA communities to a tighter knit. “I want to try and bring in more of the regional guys. For me it’s interesting to do more exchanges within the regional communities. It’s good to interact with different crowds learning about their music, and their struggles,” he stresses.

Zach often uses his outgoing personality to interact with the crowd to get a sense of what they feel about his parties. “When you’re hosting a night, sitting in a corner doing nothing doesn’t help. You have to approach people and get their feedback. If you’re not on the ground after your set talking to people, mingling, and socialising, then why would people come and hang out with you? It’s a community so everyone has to be ready to socialise.”

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