If after watching him effortlessly glide into this handshake you wondered if democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders could get any f**king cooler, well, prepare yourselves.

Following his comprehensive deconstruction of HIllary Clinton in the NYC dem debate, and a quick trip to the vatican, the 74-year-old democratic socialist appeared via live stream at Coachella to introduce his friend and advocate Killer Mike’s hip hop group Run the Jewels! That’s just about the dankest thing any presidential candidate has ever done.

"One of the highlights of running for president over the course of this last year, has been getting to know Killer Mike," said Sanders on the big screen backdropped by the festival’s famed blue skies and palm trees. "I thought the least I could do for both of you (Run the Jewels) was to help you out by bringing a few young people together."

Sanders has received the overwhelming support from young liberal millennials, so his appearance at the festival isn’t likely to bag him any votes for the upcoming California primary on June 7th. But it certainly strengthens the notion that this is the dude that understands what the future of the country wants and needs, even if his stump speech fixtures of soaring privilege and income inequality is largely lost on the Coachella crowd…. 

Watch Sanders intro Run the Jewels below.