The internet is a weird and wonderful place of memes and autotune remixes, and Indie/Psychedelic rock band Tame Impalas are the backing track for one of the creepiest music videos yet. In a stroke of genius, someone cleverly edited stock videos to create a music video to sync to the song 'Nangs'. But as arbitrary as that might sound, it's actually very entertaining. The video turns out to be an eerie short story of corporate droneism; the kind of stuff you'd find on Adultswim, and they've even included some subtext for conspiracy theorists to have fun with - whether intentional or not.

The creator Ben Aston has been on a hot streak since his graduation film 'He Took Off His Skin For Me' premiered at the BFI London Festival in 2014. The video went viral once released online and raked in 2 million views on vimeo alone. Aston's comedy short 'Russian Roulette' won the jury prize at Sundance London and was selected for Sundance 2015 and eventually sold to Conde Nast,  a mass media company from New York.

Nangs by Tame Impala - a Stock Footage Nightmare from Ben Aston on Vimeo.