Every artist and musician finds inspiration in different ways. Some find it in the depths of a packed basement club, while others prefer a posh loft in the city.

Diynamic artist Stimming, however, prefers isolation — of the extreme kind.

For his his first real concept album, Alpe Lusia, Stimming found refuge in a tiny Alpine cabin, working alone for a full month to avoid any distractions and external influences.

Once complete, Stimming vanished once again, this time into the depths of a  a container vessel in the North Sea slowly making its way through the icy seas of the North Atlantic in January. 

The goal was a straightforward one: to create an entirely computer-free live show.

Luckily Stimming wasn't completely alone, if you count his camera and the gruff crew, who didn't seem eager to share living quarters with a German techno producer. 

He's now shared his tour diary with us, parts three and four you can watch below (watch one and two if you've missed them).

Stimming is settling in somewhat, singing karaoke with the tight-knit crew. Though he continues struggling with his isolaion, admitting his live set is the only thing keeping him alive.

Then the drum machine breaks.

Preorder the album on iTunes here or Amazon here, and be sure to keep an eye out for parts five and six tomorrow. 

 And check out Stimming's upcoming Alpe Lusia tour dates below.