If you didn’t make it into Berghain last weekend, don’t despair. There’s a brand new video game that is the next best thing, because it's set in the Berlin techno dungeon.

Dubbed All Walls Must Fall, the “tech-noir spy thriller” video game is a dystopian vision set in 2089, telling an alternate history scenario of the Cold War. Instead of falling in 1989, the Berlin Wall still exists in the game and the Cold War has been ruling earth for 150 years.

But it’s the future, so instead of using traditional secret service techniques, US and Soviet secret agents travel in time.

Using time travel, social stealth and combat, you're able to control secret agents and… well, party in one of the world’s best clubs. Plus, the feeling of singlehandedly preventing a nuclear apocalypse must be pretty sweet.

Not only that, the game uses nocturnal Berlin and its most iconic club as its setting, and the music is nothing but banging techno.

The game, developed by indie studio inbetweengames, will be released in the autumn.

Via Tsugi, image via