We don't stay young forever. It's the unfortunate truth about life, and it especially applies to going out. After a while, things just aren't the same.

You need more rest, everyone in the place seems like they're half your age, and the guy who used to be your favourite DJ doesn't even play the same style of music. If one or more of these applies to you, consider yourself a veteran raver. 

10. The news that Sasha & Digweed are back at The Social has just about made your year

To this day, the pinnacle of your raving experience was seeing the two original masters go back-to-back for 6 hours straight, and even thought you never thought it would happen again, it actually f*cking is

9. If you’re not on the list, you’re not going.

You've earned your stripes, know everyone you need to, and have waited in enough queues to last a lifetime. Besides, if you get to the doorman and find out your name is missing, then it's back home to a warm bed and Netflix — win-win.

8. You have friends or in fact yourself have worked in a record store "back in the day"

7. You use the phrase "back in the day"

6. Nothing is ever as good as it was when you first started going out

The pills were better, the parties were cooler, the vibe was more authentic, the music was more real, and things just haven't been the same since they moved the DJ booth...

5. You remember when Tiesto was a trance DJ (and you loved him)

Gone forever are the glory days of the In Search Of Sunrise series, but they'll always have a place on your shelf. Even if it's buried way back. Waaay back...

4. When you go out, you complain that the place is full of kids 

3. Disco naps are no longer optional

Stay up till 6AM without a nap first? No way. You've got a job, responsibilities, and can't sleep all day like you did when you were a kid. These days you need rest before your fun.

2. You remember the original, and the previous version to the track currently playing in the club

And you have to remind everyone around you.

1. You no longer feel FOMO

You've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt,

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