One of the hardest working DJs and producers in the game, Grimehouse, released his 16 track EP on his own Bleach Black Records yesterday and has stormed the Beatport charts with two top 100 release positions and two top 10 dub-step release and track chart positions. It went to #6 in just a two days of release and now resides supreme at #1.

The hard-style, dub-step and drum n bass DJ has been scaling the ranks since 2011 and is going in at full steam with his full-length album, aptly named 'Magnum Opus' - a long-awaited release which features some of Cape Town's finest musical talents.  Starting out as Psycho Keaton, the then trance DJ cut his teeth at some of best trance clubs around Cape Town, but it was only until his moniker Grimehouse came about that his dreams of releasing music on well-respected labels and creating an entirely personalised light show ('The Pit') started to come to life.

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Grimehouse dominated the South African dub-step and drum n bass scenes, hitting up all the top clubs and festivals in the country within a span of two years. He is now recognised as one of the most iconic DJs within the urban and hardcore scenes and was voted number one dub-step DJ in South Africa. We had a quick chat with Keaton about his 'Magnum Opus'.  

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When and how did the journey of Magnum Opus begin? It started 3 years ago. My house was robbed and all my music files and PC was stolen. I had to start from over. I went to music school to learn music theory and my goal was to make something very musical but keeping true to the harder styles. I didn't want to officially release anything until this album was done

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Can you talk us through the collaborations and features on your album? What made you work with those artists? I never collaborate. I'm really socially anxious . So sitting in studio with people is really difficult for me. The people I've collaborated with are all people I call family and it was never really a planned thing as much as it was just organic seeing as we are always together. Shout outs to Scottie Moore, Noa Milan, Erefaan Pearce, Lazersharkk, Ameen Harron, T-Factor, Sicknal, Jerain and the only stranger I've ever collabed with, Noire from Sweden for being part of it.

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It's been a long journey for you as a DJ and producer, how does it feel to have released your Magnum Opus? Giant relief. It's different to what anybody would have expected from me, but it sticks to the guns. I wanted to tell my story through music and I hope it translates that way. I'm very proud but it was a lot of work considering it was completely independently done by me

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What has been greatest lesson you've learnt in the music industry so far? There aren't many people, not even the ones who claim to be your friends, who want to see you succeed.

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