Omar-S is a key pioneer amidst the Detroit House and Techno scene with productions and stand-out sets that are acclaimed globally. His curated, compelling sounds are like no other and have been the reason behind his title as an accredited producer.

Releasing music under his very own FXHE Records, an announcement has just been reported informing us that he will be releasing a new album at the end of this month. Hints on the project were publicised last December, though the official details on the release have only just officially come about. The new album will be titled The Best and is in fact his fifth full-length album to date. Ahead of its official release on FXHE Records on March 31, we’ve got word on the LP’s complete tracklist which features collaborations including John FM, Kyle Hall and Norm Talley:

01. Time MO 1 (Mix by Norm Talley)
02. Ah'Revolution
03. Chama Piru's
04. Bugging Out feat. Tom Buggs
05. Bitch... I'll Buy Another One
06. You Silk Suit Wearing MuLaFuuk'ka
07. Smash feat. O B Ignitt and Kyle Hall
08. Take Ya Pik Nik
09. Seen Was Set
10. On Your Way feat. Divinity
11. Heard Chew Single feat. John FM

Have a listen to one of his all time classics below: