File this one under aww-dorable. A longtime synth nerd named Andrew Westphal found a way to merge analog and parenting by starting a band with his 6-year old son named Hudson.

From the Westphal family’s synth room (yes, they have a synth room) in upstate New York, the duo have collaborated twice on music. The first time was in 2013 when Hudson was just three years old. Andrew recorded the sound of his son playing with his own toys, plucking a bass, clapping his hands, stomping on a chess board, and then used to samples to recreate “Voyager,” a track off of Discovery, one of Daft Punk’s most celebrated albums. It's a remarkable piece of work that shows a lot of ingenuity.

 Check the video:

Last week, The Westphals released their second recording, a cover of “Robots” by the inimitable (except for this one instance) German synth innovators Kraftwerk. The Westphals share synth and vocal duties on the rework, which adds a whole lot of humanty to a track about computers. Andrew and Hudson even dressed up in an orange-and-black pairing like Kraftwerk did in their original video from 1978!

The whole thing is not only overwhelmingly cute and endearingly nerdy, the tunes are totally worth a listen. Check out Hudson and Andrew's cover of “Robots” by Kraftwerk below: