Tuesday is the shittiest day of the week. You can get away with being useless and miserable on a Monday, but by Tuesday, you’re supposed to have your shit together. But you don’t have your shit together, and it’s too far away from the weekend to party your way into forgetting that you don’t have your shit together. Thus is the vicious cycle of the modern day work week.

Thankfully, the internet invented cats so we’d have something to look at during the drudgery between raves. There’s a video making the rounds that pairs the simultaneously sad and cute imagery of cats vomiting to the beat of millennial eurotrash techno, in particular a remix of Enur and Natasja’s “Calabria” AKA “Oh God If I Hear That Song Again I’m Going To Kill A Man (2007 Edition)”

It’ll brighten your day for a number of reason. Firstly, cats vomiting is sickly amusing because they're vicious creatures who would devour you at a moment's notice if they could. Second, thank the rave gods that we don’t have to listen to crap techno like this anymore. Also, fun fact: Did you know that Enur, the producer of “Calabria” is actually none other than Danish emo-tech producer Kolsch? Now you do.


I give you "Cats puking to Techno."

Posted by Dubsef on Monday, February 17, 2014