One of the masterminds behind the Keinemusik imprint, Berlin based DJ/producer &ME is one of the most unique and original figures in the game.

&ME relocated from Hamburg to Berlin in 2004. He originally intended only to stay while he completed his studies, but became hooked by the city’s charm and decided to make it his permanent home.

He was soon playing weekly in clubs both locally and abroad and was noticed for his talent by names including DJ Hell and DJ T, who were eager to sign him on as a co-producer, and approached for remixes for the likes of Roxy Music, Tiefschwarz and Anthony Rother.

But it was his first solo productions as &ME that put him on the house and techno map in a big way. ‘F.I.R.’, his first release on Keinemusik, was a massive club hit that preceded a string of releases and remixes on Front Room, Souvenir, Rebirth, Liebe*Detail, and Saved and saw &ME earn international renown in the house and techno realm.

Fresh from BPM Festival Mexico and his massive USA tour, the Berlin based DJ/producer is making his way to Sydney for an exclusive 5 hour marathon set with Mantra Collective at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville on Saturday 27 February.

&ME will be bringing a touch of Berlin to Sydney when he touches down later this month for the Keinemusik label night, so we asked him to share five of the tracks that define Berlin for him right now. 

1. Kalyma - Sacrosanct (Solide Musik)

"Kalyma shared a studio room with a good friend of ours while we were lucky to have our Keinemusik playground at Stattbad in Wedding. Sadly they closed down the place but I am happy he had the opportunity to grab the spirit. Definitely not the last track I will play from him as he already has another great one coming."

2. GummiHz - Acid Jazz (Claap)

"One of Berlin's Greek connection finest. Great producer and a great vinyl DJ as well. To be honest it is kind of a 50/50 chance if this track works or not. Played it at a festival and it was one of those moments - played it again a couple of weeks later and i almost killed the dancefloor. From now on I am using it wisely."

3. Terranova - Tell Me Why feat. Stereo MCs (Kompakt)

"I spent many, many years producing together with Fetisch as Terranova and this track basically sealed the bond between him and the Stereo MCs. They kind of created a new label, Connected, out of this very easy and fruitful collaboration with already three releases out."

4. Daniela La Luz - The Chosen One (Coincidence Records)

"Being facebook friends with her since I switched from Myspace, I was a big fan when I first realised that she is producing music as well. Classic old school grooves best to be played from vinyl."

5. Oskar Offermann - Before Seeing Clear (Intergroove)

"With his label, White, and his regular appearances at Panorama Bar, Oscar is shaping the deeper sounds of Berlin like no other. Never had the chance to meet him for a cup of coffee but at least we had a burger at TXL airport where we met most."

27 February - Mantra Collective Presents: Keinemusik Sessions w/ &ME (Berlin - 5 Hour Set), Factory Theatre, Marrickville. Tickets here.

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