Images via Bizarre Garden
Words by Starcia Jade Smith

Feeling fully recharged and drenched in a deep vibration of gratitude after an amazing new funky festival in the lush forest of my homeland. Bizarre Garden brought forward-thinking house and techno artists from around the globe together for a unique weekend deep in the forest about an hour and a half outside Byron Bay.

After a last minute road trip arrangement and a rush through a quirky network of paths and jungle lounge rooms, we arrived on the sweaty, epic dance floor just in time to see Jmcee and Natalie Turner completely raise the canopy up on the Garden Stage, retelling heart stories through music and dropping awesome garden-forest tunes.

The first night was warm, wet and tropical. Reconnecting with nature, weather and animals, it was nothing short of bizarre.

Local deep house hero Flex Cop finished the night bouncing behind the decks while the crowd stretched deeper into their favourite dance moves.

A stew of art and nature, the Bizarre stage was a tasteful mix of sound and sight from any standpoint, complete with a crystal clear Funktion 1 sound system. A perfect green slope provided legendary views and took the back of the dance floor up and around to the cute market area.

Feeling heaps of space and time to nourish the cells and dance out any strands of negativity, we welcomed a new strength of purity within while Polish duo Catz N Dogz came to play a killer early afternoon set in the rain and Sydney producer Cassian lead the chilled, crazy and integrative Saturday into the adventurous night, pouring life force and party energy into our veins.

Then things got super wet, squelchy and rather amphibious. When you weren't on the dance floor you were gliding through the festival on your own lily pad listening to an impressive choir of frogs and bugs. But that didn't last long when the tunes were sprouting like rainbow capsicums on the Bizarre stage, with Lucca Tan and Oliver Koletzki’s super amazing sets keeping the dance floor dirty.

While the heavens cleansed the earth with rain, clothes may have been dampened but spirits were not and the festival raged on! A little trippy trek through the bizarre forest and the Garden stage was on again, the clouds broke and the stars came out for us to celebrate local legend Magu’s sexy set.

Si Clone warmly welcomed the sunshine on Sunday morning for a day full of dance floor connections and loopy interactions. An awesome fresh vibe drifted from the forest into our presence.

Surge and Dreamstate resized our perception to further extents and brought our awareness even deeper into the interconnectedness of nature and beings, music and energy, other realms and magic.

The boutique electronic festival was an intimate web of classy and creative creatures forming a mutual understanding of respect and appreciation for each other. The light was shared and magnified on the now-familiar Bizarre stage main floor, while we happily feasted on an afternoon picnic of musical talents from JPA, Uone, DJ W!LD and Be Svendsen.

Bizarre Garden 2016 was a symphony of elements reminding us of the reality we love the most and what our souls truly desire.

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