A new exciting DJ added to the talents of the Manila underground music scene, originally from a small seaside town called Fleetwood in the UK, Mica has been spinning over the past 3 years around Asia. She has been involved with different organisations such as Good Boyz Productionz, but is also co-founder of Phoenix Room, an exclusive DJ invite only event sponsored by Phoenix audio incorporation with a Funktion One sound system happening in Guangzhou, China, and co-founder of Rising Soul, an online radio podcasting show featuring global artists in the underground house music scene.

Currently residing in Manila, Mica has built up quite a bit of storm landing herself gigs and weekly residencies at clubs such as Time in Manila, Black Market or Z Hostel just to name a few, aside from the more casual bookings. Together with her music partner Cinemassacre she organizes a new event series called Slaughterhouse and is also currently producing her own music to be released on Asia Music Record Label later this year.

1. Blawan - Getting Me Down

I love the percussion on this track, gives it such a fantastic groove which really compliments the vocals.

2. Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face

This track must be a million people all time favourite. I'd say it's the definition of natural euphoria. Also, this is a track I'd want to be played on my funeral, although i prefer to say celebration of my life, because there's more happy thoughts and feelings related to this song that will make people smile. I don't want people crying celebrating my life.

3. Angelo Ferreri - You Can Do

Definitely one my favourite producers of the year who has brought some funk back to basslines and love how the break down gives the track a total different feel and energy.

4. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Straight Up

Musically amazing this track. As a pianist myself, I always love listening to pianos in tracks especially with such soul jazz and grace like this track which work great with strings and brass. The vocals dont even need a compliment, I'll leave that for your ears to get down to when they kick in. Looking forward to seeing them LIVE in the future I hope.

5. Levon Vincent - Late Night Jam

Been loving playing this track out recently during mine and Cinemassacres B2B sessions at Time. One of the best B side burners thats absolutely smashed it by far.