With Sinulog happening this coming weekend, Cebu is operating at full stretch in order to prepare for the country's biggest festival. We had a quick chat with Ken from Spectrum Philippines, the team behind the renowned Invasion Tour, and he gave us five tips for what to do during the festivities. Aside from the grand parade, the Sinulog Festival has a whole month of different activities - from prayer, processions, fairs, pageants, concerts and many others.

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1. Visit the Basilica del Sto. Niño 

The Basilica del Sto. Niño is the oldest Roman Catholic church in the Philippines. Learn more about the history of the Sto. Niño and why people celebrate Sinulog Festival in Cebu. It's a beautiful church and great spot for prayer. Sinulog novena masses start at 4am.

Click here for the schedule

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2. Fluvial Parade

Happening on Saturday morning, the day before Sinulog, the Fluvial Parade is a visual feast of decorated boats, ships, barges and yachts. The parade starts from the image’s home in the Basilica Minore de Sto. Niño, takes its course along the channel, and ends at the St. Joseph Parish in Mandaue City, a sister city of Cebu. 

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3. Sinulog Grand Parade! 

Of course, the main reason why people go to Cebu during Sinulog is the grad parade. Thousands of contingents from around the country come and join the super colorful parade and honor the Sto. Niño on the streets. 

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4. Music festivals 

Alongside the solemn Sinulog activities come the modern music festivals featuring Filipino and foreign artists. These draw a huge young crowd to the city and fuel tourism and entertainment industries, among others. This Sinulog weekend, Cebu is host to three major music festivals: 

January 15 - Life Dance 
January 16 - Plus 63 Festival
January 17 - Invasion Cebu 

5. "Sinulog, Shagit ug Kusog! Pit Señor! Pit Señor! Tanan magsaulog!" 

You're gonna hear this a lot so better know the words! We'll also be having Sinulog from the Sky with GreenHeli (launching from SM Seaside Cebu). You can go on the heli, tour the parade route, and even hover over Invasion.