From a young age, this bright-eyed beauty already knew what she wanted to do in life, and today the talented singer and songwriter’s dreams are materializing. With influences such as Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey and Elle Goulding, Cara’s career growth has been no lucky break, but a testament to the hard work and dedication she has invested in developing her craft of singing, songwriting and performing over the years.

The South African-born beauty ventured to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to further develop her deep seeded passion and has been back and forth between London, Los Angeles and her home country South Africa ever since. Miss Frew has gained first-hand experience in a studio working with award winning producers and songwriters. Back home, Cara collaborated with the one and only Black Coffee in 2014 on the hypnotic track, titled “I’ll Find You”, leaving us absolutely obsessed with this blonde bombshell ever since.

Cara Frew - Welcome! Please tell us more about yourself and your career? How did you know from such a young age that singing is what you wanted to do? It all started when I was 7; I wanted to be just like Britney Spears, as I’m sure many little girls my age did at that time, but my obsession didn’t stop there, and I kept hounding my mother for singing lessons which I started at the age of 10. Since then I have been influenced by many artists, from Ella Fitzgerald to Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. I have been lucky enough to have worked with one of Lana Del Rey’s producers, Daniel Heath and Amy Winehouse’s writers, Stephan Skarbek, on an EP that I am yet to release. I’ve also been privileged enough to work with Andre Lindal and Lauren Christy who together won a Grammy for Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”. I am proudly South African though, so am especially proud to have co-written and featured on Black Coffee’s, track “I'll Find You” off his latest album “Pieces Of Me”. I am not only a huge fan of Black Coffee but am lucky to have him as one of my mentors. He inspires and encourages me daily never to give up on my dream, and he has shown me that anything is possible with determination and hard work as he takes South African music to the world. 

Rumour has it that you are also a South African Showjumping Champion? How do you manage to juggle both a music and a sporting career? I have competed for South Africa at the World Equestrian Games three times to date. First as a vaulter, which is gymnastics on horseback, and the next two as a showjumper. I was not only one of the youngest Showjumpers at the World Games in Kentucky 2010 but was the youngest on my team and the only female. I am also the youngest South African ever to have competed at the World Games as showjumper and am to my knowledge the only person in the world to have competed at two consecutive World Games in two different disciplines. I love how both passions are worlds apart because it gives my life balance, but juggling two time-consuming careers is only possible with the help of my mother, my music manager and my show jumping trainer, who all work together to make sure that I get the most out of my time.

What do you feel distinguishes an artist from a musician? I think that a musician would focus mainly on the music while an artist needs to build a brand that encompasses many different aspects including music, image, performance and marketing, etc.

What has been your biggest challenge in the music industry? My biggest challenge has been finding the right producers.

If you had the opportunity to change something in the music industry what would it be? If I could change something in the industry, I would love to see more South Africans making it worldwide, we have such (great) talent here!

We hear that you have a new song out called “Falling” that’s breaking into the charts in South Africa. Tell us about the musical journey behind falling? Yes, I am so excited about my latest single "Falling" being playlisted on 5fm was a first for me; Falling was the new favorite or as they say “hottest song in SA” for two weeks in a row and has now just entered the top 40 charts! The journey started in my garden in Johannesburg with Sean Hayz from The Motherland on guitar, a pen and a piece of paper. We started writing about a past relationship of mine, where I was “Falling” for this amazing guy but in fact, I was “Falling” for the person he portrayed to be, and as time wore on, I saw that that was not who he really was. Sean and I loved the song on basic guitar and thought that Dave Scott of The Kiffness could give it a cool summer, house vibe. So we flew down to Cape Town to complete the track together with Raiven Hansmann.

How would you describe your music to the people that haven’t heard you before? My music is very diverse, what threads it all together are my vocals. My latest single is tropical house and has been compared to the likes of Kygo, the latest Justin Bieber and Robin Schulz, but I also have my EP that I recorded in LA coming out next year which is more influenced by Lana Del Rey.

What would you say has been your biggest break or greatest opportunity in your musical career so far? My biggest break was working with and featuring on Black Coffee’s current album. He has given me such opportunities including performing at Ultra and Sonar Music Festival South Africa.

What’s next for Cara Frew? I am currently promoting my latest single while working on another release for the end of February, my plan beyond that is to continue to work on new material in South Africa until mid-April before heading back to LA to pursue a few opportunities.

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