Award winning DJ and producer Dubfire maintains a position in the top tier of electronic music artists in the world.

After gaining global commercial success for his work with Deepdish, Dubfire made the decision to go out solo and has steadily become one of the most renowned and respected producers in the underground.

A self confessed foodie and frequently travelling to play at an exhaustive list of pretty much every major club and festival from Tokyo to Tel Aviv, Dubfire has had the opportunity to visit some of the most lauded restaurants around the world and he believes there is an undeniable creative thread between the worlds of gastronomy and music.

He shared 10 of his top restaurants around the world with Pulse.

1. Disfrutar - Barcelona

Via @Dubfire Instagram

Incredible new restaurant which opened in 2015 from el Bulli veterans Eduard Xatruch and Oriol Castro. Expect a high-concept, beautifully plated tasting menu paired with equally matched wines. They’ve recently earned a Michelin star as well and have an older, simpler sister restaurant in the beautiful town of Cadaqués called Compartir.

2. noma - Copenhagen

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What can I say about noma that hasn’t already been explored to death? Only that I am looking forward to seeing René Redzepi and the gang bring their unique vision to Sydney this month after a very successful run in Tokyo last year. Australia you are very lucky indeed!

3. Hija de Sánchez - Copenhagen


Rosio Sanchez, the genius ex-pastry chef/R&D team member of noma has recently left to open an authentic Mexican taqueria in the Torvehallerne Market. Another bonus: expect regular guest stints by some of Rosio's famouse chef friends presenting their own unique take on the taco! And as you would expect, the food here is HYPER-authentic, extremely inventive and a MUST STOP whenever I'm in Copenhagen. Oh and they serve incredible cocktails and desserts as well!

4. Casa Jaguar - Tulum

To me, this is THE most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever set foot in! Tulum, located in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico is a very spiritual, cultural, health-conscious place and that extends to every aspect of the dining scene there. The mezcal cocktails alone are made from only the finest, freshest produce and spices and are certainly award-worthy!

5. Can Cisa / Bar Brutal - Barcelona

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Even while Xemei, their highly popular institution in Barcelona, is still as popular as ever, my good friends Stefano and Max Colombo decided to open a unique wine shop/bar/restaurant concept in the El Born neighborhood, conveniently located behind my apartment! Expect inventive, amazingly delicious food in a casual atmosphere with a vast array of ONLY biodynamic and natural wines. They are the leader in that department in Barcelona and have been for years so wine lovers are in good hands!

6. Jimbocho DEN - Tokyo

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I got tipped off about DEN from Chef René Redzepi whist the both of us were in Tokyo back in December 2014. It was, and still is, so popular that securing a reservation is incredibly difficult. But once there, expect one of the most playful, delicious, imaginative meals you’ve ever had in Japan; paired with an amazing array of nihonshu (sake)! I was smiling from ear to ear from beginning to end and you will too!

7. Sushi Sawada - Tokyo

I’ve been to pretty much all of the top sushi restaurants in Tokyo and have to admit that I haven’t found anything as good as Chef Koji Sawada’s namesake, not even Jiro! It is impossibly small with just 6 seats along the most beautiful hinoki counter I’ve ever seen; so getting a reservation is virtually impossible as many of the local regulars slot in their next visit when they pay their cheque! If you’re lucky enough to get in, expect VERY precise presentation and execution so just sit back and enjoy the ride. And NEVER wear perfume or cologne before coming here or you might be on your way OUT before you’ve had a chance to settle IN!

8. The Jane - Antwerp

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Chef Sergio Herman is a bit of a rock star and wild child in the world of gastronomy, having helmed the most famous 3-Michelin star restaurant in The Netherlands (Oud Sluis) before closing it at the height of its popularity to open The Jane alongside Chef Nick Brill, something more akin to his sense of personal and culinary style. The dining room alone is jaw-droppingly beautiful as is the extensive tasting menu. Hands down one of the greatest two meals I’ve had in my life! Oh and I should mention that both Sergio and Nick are HUGE fans of underground house and techno, with Nick moonlighting as a very credible DJ!

9. Central Restaurante - Lima

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Chef Virgilio Martinez used to be a skater before giving it all up to pursue a career in gastronomy which eventually resulted in unprecedented accolades and awards for his Lima restaurant. He is firmly in the top 10 of San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best ranking and not letting go of the number 1 spot on the Latin America World’s 50 Best spot! The food is presented as an “elevations” tasting menu, exposing the rich Peruvian heritage he and wife/Chef Pia take great care to expose and modernize.

10. Quintonil - Mexico City

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Besides Enrique Olvera’s Pujol, Quintonil is my go to spot whenever i’m in Mexico City. I’ve become quite close to genius Chef Jorge Vallejo who, along with his wife Alejandra helming the front of house, have shown how incredibly modern their take on Mexican flavors and ingredients can be. Think of them, along with Pujol, as Mexico’s answer to noma!