Thomas Koch, aka DJ T, is a jock that has certainly had a massive influence on electronic music and the scene as we know it today. With a career spanning over three decades and as overseer one of the most important, current and consistent labels, Get Physical, DJ T has been responsible for setting up some of the most prominent platforms in the business and kicking off the careers of many international stars.

Boxing Day will see him play at Jam Gallery Bondi for a new concept named Get Together, the newest party from the brains behind Return to Rio festival.

With his unsurpassed depth of knowledge, we reached out to DJ T ahead of next week’s show to get his thoughts on a range of topics from the best tracks, parties and artists; his favourite things about Christmas; and how the scene has changed for the better – and worse - since he first started DJing in the 80s.

Top 5 tracks of 2015

1. DJ Haus - Make It Hot

2. Ilo - Its You

3. Dyone - Only Love Can Set U Free (Bicep Remix)

4. D.J. Deeon - Freak Like Me (Lee Walker Garage Edit)

5. Breach - Anna Love

Top 5 gigs and parties of 2015

1. Berlin: Panaorama Bar

2. Lima: Flower Power 

3. London: Moon Harbour Showcase at The Coronet

4. Paris: Badaboum

5. Istanbul: Kloster

5 artists to watch in 2016

1. Emanuel Satie

2. Burnski

3. Krankbrother

4. Kevin Over

5. Eli Escobar 

5 records that never leave his box

1. Schatrax – Mispent Years

2. Boo Williams – Mortal Trance

3. New Order – Blue Monday

4. Blunted Dummies – House For All

5. Adamski – Killer

5 things that have changed for the better since he started DJing

1. More good music.

2. The Pioneer CD players, USB sticks and the software Rekordbox is the best technical set up I can imagine, brings out the best in me.

3. Electronic music culture conquered the world, it’s everywhere, it’s a very powerful global community and network.

4. There is much more musical diversification, you can specialise in one particular style now.

5. It’s more democratic.

5 things that have changed for the worse since he started DJing

1. So much more bad and irrelevant music.

2. It’s much less about the music and a certain spirit nowadays than about everything else.

3. When i started DJing it was enough to be a good DJ, now you have to fulfill 10 other roles too to be visible and succesful, people are so much more calculating and not taking any risks.

4. The devaluation of music and art in general is an ongoing process.

5. Crowds are more uniformed and less heterogeneous now.

5 favourite things about Christmas

1. Knowing that I will escape the winter and will have a second summer soon (do that every year since 20 years now).

2. The Berlin Christmas markets with their cosy atmosphere and their unbeatable offer of spezial xmas food and beverages.

3. Christmas dinners with good friends and crispy gooses.

4. Glogg.

5. Nuremberg Gingerbread.

5 favourite things about Sydney

1. Such good memories on all these events and clubs I have played for over the last 11-12 years.

2. Made so many good friends over the years in that city, can’t wait to see them, almost feels like coming home.

3. The best city beaches of the country, especially good memories on the Bondi Beach area.

4. It’s the New York of Down Under.

5. Has some of the nicest inner city green areas I know in the world.

If you're in Sydney make sure you catch DJ T. when he plays at the Get Together launch.

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