A precocious Clara Da Costa landed her first Ibiza residency at superclub Es Paradis aged just 15 years old after running away from home to join the Island’s growing dance music scene, the first female DJ on the island.

By 17 years old Clara had secured the role of creative director at Es Paradis, quickly earning her stripes and bringing in major party brands such as Up Yer Ronson and Clockwork Orange. As a DJ, her unique style of tough funky house with massive latin influences makes her a breath of fresh air in a stagnating scene.

Clara is heading to Australia to celebrate new years day at Space Ibiza Festival, to bring some authentic Ibiza style vibes along with Yousef, Danny Rampling, Osunlade, DJ Tennis and Javi Bora.

With her new label, Jack’s House, launching in 2016 and her Aussie tour just around the corner, we hit up Clara Da Costa to find out what were her top five tracks from 2015.

1. Alex Arnout - Confirmation Bias (Jacks House)

I have been supporting this track exclusively for about 9 months. Can hardly believe I have signed it, it is a killer track, true underground house music and a privilege to have such a talented producer on board for the first release (Coming out on vinyl next year on my label Jack's House.)

2. Angel Ramos - Secret Caps (Overall Music)

This was just released this month on Overall music which is owned and run by the talented Javier Carballo & Hanfry Martinez. I love this track as it has a great swing and groove to it but maintains that dirty house vibe too.

3. Juliche Hernandez - Insomnia (Electronique)

I love this track and the vocal snippets that slip in and out throughout the arrangement accompanied by great hats and and a rolling baseline that sound phat on a big system.


3. Rhymos - Hoop Scotch (Turquoise Blue)

I played this a lot this summer when hosting my room at Space for Carl Cox and it always got a solid reaction. Again another great underground house track verging on tech. A solid production with a dark but friendly bass line.


4. Julien Sandre - You know (Flashmob)

Released at the beginning of the year, it is still regularly played in my sets and sounds fresh. Great arrangement and energy.

5. Two Diggers & ARBG - What They Do (Oblack)

Loving everything that Two Diggers are producing. They have released some great production this year. I am 100% behind them. Real quality rolling house music and a true signature style.

Make sure you catch Clara Da Costa at Space Ibiza Festival NYD alongside Danny Rampling, Osunlade, Yousef, DJ Tennis and Javi Bora. Tickets are in final release and are on sale now.

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