When sampling first emerged it changed the face of music and helped give rise to relatively new genres, hip-hop and electronic music. But not everyone viewed the chopping and repurposing of old music as an art form.

This short documentary, broadcast on Australian TV circa 1989, is a fascinating time capsule of a time when sampling was something new and the law had yet to catch up with the ‘powerful technology.’

Keep an eye out for the vintage equipment the artists used, the Casio SK-8 and Atari ST make an appearance.

There’s also some great 80s footage of acts like The Beastie Boys and Jazzy Jeff with Will Smith in his Fresh Prince days, and some truly excellent mullets from Lou Reed and Australian television host Richard Wilkins, whose ridiculous observations like “that seems pretty logical but so do a lot of things I guess” have seen him enjoy a lengthy career in television that is still enduring to this day.

This peep into the past shows just how much has changed, and what remains pretty near the same since the massive progressions that have been made in technology and the law.

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