A week after the search ended for 24-year old Kaylyn Sommer, who went overboard on November 12 at the Mad Decent Boat Party, Skrillex has broken his silence. 

One of this year's scheduled performers, Skrillex talked to TMZ following last night's American Music Awards, stating "bad things happen," and that the incident was "something that none of us ever foresaw" and "affected all of us so much."

“Things happen. And on cruise ships a lot of times there’s 3,000 people, and something really awful happens and you have the rest of the people that paid all of their money to have an amazing weekend. And it’s something, just like, bad things happen all over the world. And it’s something that none of us ever foresaw or, like, would’ve ever wanted to be a part of. And it affected all of us so much, and it’s, like, not something that we want to be sensationalized, and the reason I’m talking to you is because no one’s answered this question before.”

The Mad Decent Boat Party took place aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pearl, scheduled to sail from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico, with two days at sea. Sommer went overboard at around 7pm on day two, halting the cruise before it landed in Mexico. 

Despite offering refunds, many aboard the vessel took to social media to express outrage at the the low refund price – $57.47 USD to cover cost of the cancelled excursion plus port taxes. Tickets were as much as $1,000 USD.

Some also felt the cruise's cancelation was unfair, despite Sommer's very probable death. 

"I'm sorry about this one girl but there are thousands of us who didn't need to be punished...we didn't get Mexico or most of what we were promised," one woman reportedly said

Last year's debut festival was without major issue, and according to the website, "We downed more than a few bottles of Fireball, so it’s a little hazy – but we know last year’s Mad Decent Boat Party was full of insane surprises."

Watch the Skrillex interview below.