An explosion and fire broke out at Colectiv Club in Bucharest, Romania, killing 30 and injuring more than 150. The incident occurred last Friday night as 400 people attended a rock concert at the city's popular nightclub.

Within 15 minutes of the incident, upwards of 60 emergency services were dispatched to the scene to help control fires, establishing a mobile hospital to immediately aid the most severely injured partygoers. By midnight, the building had been evacuated, with police conducting investigation into the cause of the explosion.

While the cause of the incident is still being investigated, survivors and witnesses said it was related to a pyrotechnic failure that sparked an explosion and fire. Some eyewitness reported that fireworks hit the roof the club, almost instantly sparking a blaze, causing hundreds of patrons to stampede to the nearest exists.

"In five seconds, the whole ceiling was all on fire. In the next three, we rushed to a single door," a young woman told local news agencies. Another man who escaped stated that "there was a stampede of people running out of the club."

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has stated the incident is a national tragedy and declared a three-day national mourning period, while urging the public to donate blood to aid the treatment of surviving victims (continued below).  

This tragedy highlights several other nightclub fires involving pyrotechnics, including the 2015 Formosa explosion that injured 500 and killed three, the 2013 Kiss nightclub fire that claimed 242 lives in Brazil, the 2009 Lame Horse fire that killed 156 in Russia, and the 2004 República Cromañón fire in Argentina, which claimed almost 200 lives.

In a response of solidarity, international trance DJ, Markus Schulz, stated on his Facebook page that he will no longer be using pyrotechnics at any of his club shows, as he calls upon other artists to do the same.

Dear friends,Today I remain deeply affected by the tragic news from Romania last night, where 27 people died and over...

Posted by Markus Schulz on Saturday, 31 October 2015

(Source: RT and Wikipedia