A Youtube user has created a touching tribute to the victims of the Paris terror attacks set to Daft Punk’s seminal hit ‘Around the World”.

The video shows somewhat familiar images of mourners gathering around the world, from Toronto to Tehran, and various famous structures including the Pyramids in Giza, The White House and Sydney’s Opera House lit up in the red, white and blue of France’s flag.

Daft Punk, arguably France’s finest musical export, released ‘Around the World’ in 1997 and it has remained a major club hit ever since. At first glance the song might seem a clunky and obvious choice due to its title, and the cheery vibe an awkward fit for such sad subject matter. It’s easy to write it off as just a fun but meaningless club track, as we have for the last 18 years.

Although the song is by no means thought to be a solemn and somber arrangement, it manages to add something to the images that melancholic violin renditions of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ don’t quite achieve: Hope.

The images of people around the world presenting a united front in the face of such a devastating tragedy and abominable enemy are heartening and the choice of song really drives home the solidarity that is being felt around the world and the need to now look towards helping Paris repair.

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