One of the most unique and eccentric festivals in South Africa, AfrikaBurn, are announcing the first of their ticket sales for the next installment of the “Hottest” festival this side of the hemisphere. From 12pm tomorrow, “Burners” will be able to purchase tickets from the website for a limit time period but will be able to make donations before the sale goes live.

AfrikaBurns “Burner Assist Program”, will allow attendees to donate money towards another Burners ticket. It’s an optional extra that will help other patrons to pay a subsidised fee in order to come to the festival; a really innovative concept that could see this year’s festival to be their biggest yet.

As always, Burners are able to volunteer to be part of the event by helping give your time and presence to make the festival the best it can be. This initiative has changed perception of merely experiencing the festival and opened up the opportunity to grow this already expansive community from the position of a customer; which in itself is an innovative model to grow any business. The people involved are what makes this festival experience so much more personal and inspires in people a sense of responsibility for the initiative and its attendees. 

If you're not successful in getting tickets in tomorrow's sale, don't stress: there's another sale on February 5th 2016 - and after that 'Step' opens, and many hundreds of resold tickets get offered and bought through that system. Remember: if you really want to make it to AfrikaBurn, you'll find a way to get your ticket. For all ticket information click here

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(Photography Credits - Michael Yankelev - Freedom Seekers)