As the days pass, Thailand's Wonderfruit is getting closer, and our excitement is rising day to day. The original boutique festival doesn't only cover international and local music, but also all different kinds of art installations, farms to feast, health & wellness, natural adventures, talks and workshops. To give you a little insight into the festival and all the different activities, we've enlisted 10 things you should look forward to at Wonderfruit, but there sure are at least a hundred more that will make your Wonderfruit experience unforgettable! 

Wonderfruit will take place from December 17 - 20 in the beautiful Chonburi setting in Pattaya, Thailand. 

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 photo THE iy PROJECT_zpsrf97tcsp.jpeg

1. Be one of the very few lucky people to experience the iy_project live

The master of lasers and lights aka Chris Levine, who got popular by creating a hologram portrait of the queen, has teamed up with producer and soundtrack composer John Hopkins for an exceptional and unique audio-visual experience. Both these artists have perfected their craft to the fullest and are definitely on top of their careers right now. Don’t miss out!

 photo Gaggan_zpsgbvwfu4e.jpeg

2. Taste the amazing food by Asia’s number one restaurant ‘Gaggan’

Not quite the traditional Indian cuisine, chef Gaggan Anand likes to prepare his dishes in a very playful and artful way, inspiried by regional flavors and childhood memories. His restaurant in Bangkok was ranked by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants at number one in Asia and number ten in the world!   

 photo Feast at night 1_zpsye3i7tjz.jpeg

3. Taste more healthy food, freshly produced from The Wonderfruit Farm

The Wonderfruit Farm is an agricultural project that teams up with Thailand's young farmers, growing all different kinds of fruits, herbs, vegetables and many more healthy goods. Unlike on any other festival, at Wonderfruit it is tradition to eat peaceful and all together at the same time! 

 photo ARTS - Molam Bus_zpshtxcgpa8.jpeg

4. Hop on the Molam Bus

If you ever wondered how traditional Thai music sounds like, then you’ll be just in the right place. The Molam Bus is a traveling cultural station that features local musicians, bands and DJs and is a project curated by the Jim Thompson Art Center.

 photo NA - Cycling_zpscwrqzdm0.jpeg

5. Take a bike trip to the rolling fields

The Wonderfruit site has a lot beautiful landscapes and sceneries, and if you want to check out the cycle track you should definitely bring your bike with you. (Of course, if you can’t bring one: Wonderfruit offers bike rentals at low prices)

 photo Lucent2_zpswtovq5ya.jpeg

6. Be part of the Lucent Dossier Experience 

The impressing circus-inspired avant garde performance by the Lucent Dossier Experience has gained international attention and was able to perform at many different events and festivals such as Coachella, the Grammy’s Celebration or Summer Sonic in Japan.

 photo ARTS - Wonder Salon_zpsi5tbhw2o.jpeg

7. Get yourself a fancy make up at the Wonder Salon 

If you thought you could walk around the festival site without any cool face decoration, well then you guessed wrong! The Wonder Salon will bring you in perfect shape and get you ready for the festival. If you don't want to be styled by one of the proffessional Salon stylists, you can create your own design. Expect everything from face-paint, body-paint and nail-art or even a trim from the barber service! 

 photo H- Goddess camp_zpsfhuxiwuw.jpeg

8. Reconnect and rebalance your energies at the Goddess Camp

At the Goddes Camp, people meet together to celebrate and live in harmony with Mother Nature. The drum circle is one of many different kinds of meditations that you can practice at this camp, where you can reconnect your organic energies and balance your inner self. Don't be shy to try!

 photo MOS DEF 2 1_zpsp4xvwt6c.jpeg

9. Watch hip hop legend Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def perform live

This guy probably doesn't need that much introduction, since hip hop conaisseurs entitled Mos Def as one of the most important lead figures in hip hop history. New York-born rapper, actor and comedian Yasiin Bey started to gain attention in the mid/late 90' when he formed the soon to be legendary hip hop duo 'Black Star' with Brooklyn buddy Talib Kweli. Their debut album, Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star, was one of the most inventive and critically acclaimed rap albums of that era. But let's put all those facts aside - you don't get to see Mos Def every day, do you?

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 photo NA - Swimming_zpsw5d0iubk.jpeg

10. Swim and enjoy cocktails from the tiki bar!

Don't forget to bring your swimshorts, it's going to be hot! The natural swimming pool could be the perfect palce to cool your body and enjoy drinks and music at the same time! 

We wish everybody a great experience at Wonderfruit, we definitely can't wait! If you're still looking for tickets, check For any other informations on ticket ordering, line up, workshops, art installations, food and drinks and any other questions, visit the Wonderfruit webiste or contact us at Pulse Radio Asia.


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