A 23 year old Sydney woman died at a music festival on a property in regional New South Wales over the weekend.

The woman, named as Anneke Vo, complained of feeling unwell shortly before she was found unresponsive and not breathing at about 5.30am on Sunday at the Dragon Dreaming festival. CPR was administered by on site medical personnel but the young woman was unable to be revived. The cause of the woman’s death has not yet been identified but it has been confirmed that she had no preexisting medical conditions and police are investigating whether she may have taken acid.

Local police made 78 drug detections at the event over the weekend, which was attended by about 3000 people. Drugs detected ranged from ice to heroin and magic mushrooms.

Superintendent Zoran Dzevlan has spoken out about the festival, saying that it should never have been allowed to go ahead.

“I didn’t want this event to happen in the first place. We put our objections forward to council and as a result of these drug detections, and the tragic death of a young lady, we will again be putting our recommendations forward for this event not to take place in our community,” Superintendent Dzevlan said.

After 74 people were caught with drugs at the festival last year, Dragon Dreaming organisers worked closely with police this year to ensure that the event would be a safe environment for festival attendees and the local community. An initiative called Blow Me First was employed to encourage voluntary breath testing before patrons travelled away from the site and there was a police presence both inside and outside the event.

With tragedies like this continuing to occur despite event organisers cooperation with authorities and strong police presence at events, a new solution is really long overdue before we lose anyone else.

Our condolences go out to Miss Vo’s family.