As we predicted, the new Ibiza government is not messing around. 

The local Ibiza newspaper, Diario de Ibiza, has reported that by summer of 2016, Ibiza's nightclubs must shut by 6:30am. 

The decision was made by Island Council President Vicent Torres and Ibiza's five mayors in a council meeting yesterday morning. The council will also increase penalties for any clubs going past the new closing times so that failure to abide by the new laws has more of an impact. 

Known for parties going well into early morning hours, Amnesia received 15 complaints by local authorities last summer, and was forced to shut its doors for the closing party at 1pm, several hours earlier than normal.

However, the new law will effect clubs across the island, as well as smaller music bars, known as "cafés conciertos," which will now close at 5am, impacting the likes of Ibiza town and San Antonio greatly. Previously, licences were extended to 6:30am. 

This summer also so the closure of several beach parties by the government, who cracked down island wide for licensing violations. The new law will see beach bars shut at midnight. 

[H/T RA]