The Hydra have quickly become one of the most well-respected names on the autumn and winter club circuit, so it’s no surprise that they have teamed up with legendary promoters Bugged Out! for their 21st birthday bash. Both the Black Studio and the Warehouse will be open to showcase a range of high profile artists from Bugged Out’s past and present.

George Fitzgerald will have a full 3 hours to play with in the Warehouse, an unusually long set for an event like this. George has successfully straddled varying shades of house for a number of years, with debut album ‘Fading Love’ earning critical acclaim upon release earlier this year. His profile has skyrocketed of late, and his worldwide touring schedule is packed out - with so much experience playing to the world’s best dancefloors, it’s likely he will fully take advantage of this opportunity to dig deeper over the three hours.

Also in the Warehouse is Phantasy Records boss, Erol Alkan. Having played an integral part in Bugged Out since it’s very early days, this 21st birthday celebration will undoubtedly be a special event for him.

Completing the line-up in the Warehouse are Belfast-born Ejeca, quirky Dadaist and former DMC champion Barnt, exciting young upcomer Avalon Emerson, and London club regular Lemmy Ashton.

But perhaps one of the biggest draws of the night will be the an all-night performance by A Love From Outer Space in the Black Studio - the pairing of national treasure Andrew Weatherall and partner-in-crime Sean Johnston. ALFOS was first conceived as a Thursday night in Stoke Newington spot The Drop, a space where the duo could play records from all across their diverse and long-ranging musical backgrounds, including the challenging and the slow-paced cuts that wouldn’t fit in within a standard house or techno night. Needless to say, the idea took off and the duo have toured the concept across Europe.

With such a range of artists at the top of their game playing at E1’s Studio Spaces, you won’t want to miss this special pairing of the best promoters in UK clubland - it is a 21st birthday party after all.

For more info, head to the event Facebook page.