A young man, who has not been named, has reportedly died after falling from a famous statue at the Techno Parade in Paris. 

The man was climbing a 25m tall statue in the Place de la République in north-east Paris when he slipped and fell, according to police.

A statement issued (translated by Google) on the Techno Parade Facebook page states: "After this beautiful day of celebration, the techno parade is sad. We've Learned-have you this tragic accident just after-the techno parade. We are wholeheartedly with the family and relative of the deceased."

According to reports, firefighters said the victim was "supported by civil protection and evacuated by the ambulance".

Each year, more than 350,000 attend the event, making it the second largest free outdoor festival in France. Many climb atop statues and bus stops along the route to gain a better vantage point. The entire route is lined with volunteers who assist sick and injured people. 

A video was captured of the event, but we must warn you that it is disturbing. 

[Via The Independent]