There is no arguing that music gets released weekly at an astonishing rate. So much so that it really just becomes a cacophony of names and titles being released and thrown at you everyday. It can get a little exhausting just to keep up. For our readers, we care about pairing up some brilliant music we come across with some welcoming and savvy ears. Each week we’ll have freebies, selections from our editors, guest DJs and a community pick from readers like you for everyone to check out. We'll dig into digital releases, vinyl releases, cassette releases and other odd bits where music is unforgettable. Explore below and see what you like! 

For this edition of Community Crate Diggin', we dug a little bit into our personal collection to find a handful of records that really captured how we would end up sending off the summer in style. We know you don't want to hear about the summer ending anytime soon and we hear you. Just know that you'll be thanking us when we've prepped you with some fine gems to help usher in the last leg of the summer. We found a few repressings that we felt you shouldn't pass up on either. Our take away from this list was that there are always wonderful records lying around no matter what corner you're looking into, if you end up just digging around a little, you'll be incredibly surprised at the kind of stuff you end up finding.

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All Day I Dream Summer Sampler [All Day I Dream]

This summer saw a lot of activity for the melancholic recording imprint, All Day I Dream. They launched their first official international tour of the brand and saw carefully crafted selection of records that were created with the label’s vision in mind. Each artist on the compilation exercises just enough muscle to let their approach come through in a very organic way.  Powel, YokoO, Gorje & Izhevski, Behrouz, Bedouin, Lauren Ritter, Alexi Delano and more round out a carefully curated selection of releases.


Gab Rhome - Matterhorn EP [Natura Sonaris]

It’s no surprise to see Gab Rhome contributing his work to an incredible catalog such as Natura Sonaris. Henry Saiz has already left an incredible legacy and when we see the taste maker select an artist like Rhome for an EP, it leaves us pretty excited to see what kind of magic a pairing like this could result in. Rhome’s debut release on the label titled ‘Matterhorn’ comes in a package of three well rounded cuts that highlight his unique style using a selection bells and strings to really guide you through the EP. Our special take here is “Summit Meeting.” We were really happy to see this as the third record in the line-up on the release. Simply put, when we got to it felt like the biggest treat of the package.

Dwig - From Here to There LP
Dwig aka Die Wiese im Garten seriously put together an incredible album that you can tell was treated with care. Each record is incredibly comfortable in its own space and when presented in the context of the entire album, this thing will take you places. This album released earlier in the year and if this LP happened to sneak by you, now is the time to pay attention to it. Our hot pick: “Gentle Memories”


Boo Williams - Crying Black Man EP [Izwid]

Boo Williams doesn’t really need a major introduction. If you aren’t too familiar with this incredible taste maker, he is one of the leaders and innovators of the Chicago house movement. His catalog is incredibly vast considering his career spans three decades. Taking that into account we’ve been celebrating this number all summer long. “Changes” is truly an incredible example of a beautifully colored Chicago house track. 

Nightdrivers - Nightvisions [Nightdrivers]
A variety of tastemakers who still prefer to collect and play vinyl out have been spotted selecting records by Nightdrivers during their performances. When we dug a bit deeper we found this fantastic little number, ‘Nightvisions.’ The percussive drum machine in this punchy number provides the power to move a floor while the unmistakable pad creates a memorable hook line that will stay with you long after the record is over.

Delskiz – Soundscraper (Ki.Mi Remix) [Submarine Vibes]
Ki.mi is hands down one of our favorite artists doing his thing from out of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. This record is a boomy techno number that commands your attention while never losing sight of its musicality. Ki.mi sprinkles in light piano rolls to accent an otherwise powerful and driving number that simply doesn’t lose focus. Make sure to let us know how much this obliterates a floor for you DJs out there. Serious tip here.

Free Download
Dhafer Youssef - Wood Talk (In2Deep Interpretation)
In2Deep take Dhafer Youssef's beautiful work titled "Wood Talk" and give it an honest interpretation where the record feels reinvented and presented in a beautiful light for a dance floor. The original's Oud plucked melodies are riddled with artifacts and atmospheric elements that keep the aesthetic of the original alive while allowing the record to stand on its own feet. 

Guest DJ Pick
Hisham Zahran – Cairo, Egypt
Wallflower - Manifest (Rampa Remix) [Rebirth]
My pick of the week comes from German Keinemusik label member who takes a break from making dance floor stompers to deliver this deep little number. I really like how he approached this remix which shows his slightly deeper side without lacking his signature bass heavy sound. A lush deep piano and those haunting vocals are defiantly a winning combination for me.